Faculty of Animal Sciences

HistoryAuthoritiesThe Faculty Units (and experimental stations)Academic staffEducationMajor research areas
  • Studies on mechanism of stress and adaptation in animals, the role of opioidal system in growth and immunological processes in various animal species, endocrine regulation of ovary functioning in domestic birds.
  • Assessment of genetic parameters, methods of bull and cow breeding usability assessment.
  • Genetic improvement of cattle breeds utilised in south-eastern Poland, the use of immunogenetics for cattle breeding practice.
  • Management of wild animal populations.
  • Evaluation of animal products, modification of chemical composition and quality of meat.
  • Utilisation of horses (for sport, recreation and rehabilitation).
  • In vitro maturation and fertilisation of oocytes, embryo transfer, animal reproduction control, cytogenetics and neonatology.
  • Fish reproduction control (particularly under conditions of polluted water environment),
  • Parasitology, vermiculture, re-introduction and rehabilitation of predatory birds.
  • Physiological bases of animal nutrition; implementation of the INRA valuation and standardisation of feeds system; animal feed production technologies.
  • Disturbances of geo-magnetic field and relationships between animal health and geopathic zones, hygiene of poultry incubation.
  • Reproduction, nutrition and disease prevention in herbivorous and carnivorous fur animals.
  • Behaviour and welfare of animals kept under diversified conditions.

The Faulty academic staff realizes numerous research projects (financed by national research grants) and implements joint scientific projects on the basis of bilateral cooperation agreements with higher education and research institutions in: Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, in the USA, Italy, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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