Wydział Hodowli i Biologii Zwierząt

Bioengineering in Animal Science - Our objectives

Primary aim of Bioengineering in Animal Science study is to train specialists with knowledge and skills in: (i) planning and organization of breeding, (ii) genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics, (iii) reproduction biotechniques, such as in vitro fertilization methods, microsurgery methods of oocyte fertilization, embryo culture methods, extracorporeal maturation of embryos, animal cloning, transgenesis, cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos, cytogenetic and molecular methods used in genetic diagnostics, (iv) cell and tissue culture methods and (v) methods of animal production. The graduates are able to communicate accurately with the various stakeholders in the verbal, written and graphical form. They can independently take decisions, organize teamwork, serve as managers as well as undertake to establish and run their own business. The graduates of this specialty can apply modern analytical methods used in research in the field of animal science. They are prepared for a professional career in research institutes (especially related to animal reproduction and animal science), the supervision of breeding and insemination services, farm companies, agricultural advisory centers, state and local government, and many other institutions of broadly defined agricultural services and after completing pedagogical education – can be employed in agricultural education. The graduates are fully prepared for independent research and taking up the third degree studies (PhD).



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